When Do Girls Stop Growing: With an Unhealthy Lifestyle

19/07/2012 13:33

The question: “when do girls stop growing taller?” is one that is constantly being asked by almost every girl out there. While this is something that they really do not have to worry about, since girls of shorter stature are not viewed the same way as people view boys with a short stature, they should still take the time to learn about the factors that will put a stop to their growth in height. There are many factors that can significantly affect how tall or how short a girl can be, and one of these is through the kind of lifestyle that she lived, especially when she is still of a young age.

It is a known fact that it is during puberty wherein girls and boys grow taller faster. It is also true that it is after their bodies have completely gone through the puberty stage that girls and boys will stop growing taller. This is why it is important that girls who would like to grow a few more inches in terms of their height do their best in helping their bodies grow faster while they are still young. Having a healthy lifestyle while they are still at a young age will help their bodies function properly, thus; their bodies will be able to produce a higher level of human growth hormone.

The human growth hormone (HGH), as implied by its term, is the group of hormones responsible for the growth in the height of human beings. It is during sleep when the body produces the highest level of HGH. This is why it essential for both boys and girls to live a healthy lifestyle while they are still young. A healthy lifestyle means being able to get the right amount of sleep so that their bodies will be able to produce high amounts of HGH. The amount of HGH that the body produces is also affected by the food that we eat, so make sure that you eat healthy as well.

Bones, Calcium, Protein, Magnesium and Puberty

19/07/2012 12:58

When we talk about growing we often think about the kids and how big they become in just a matter of time. During the growing age, proper nutrition is very essential because growth will be stunted if the necessary nutrients needed in growth are not supplied. With appropriate nutrition, the full potential growth of a child will be fully harnessed. In this article I will share to you the relationship of bones, calcium, protein magnesium and puberty.

Bones need calcium in order to maintain its strength and density. With the help of the human growth hormone from the pituitary gland, the bones in the legs epiphysis will grow thus making growing possible. Growth hormones production is dependent on the nutrition the person intakes. Fewer nutrients mean lesser production of the human growth hormone. Protein or the amino acid is the building blocks of the human growth hormone and responsible for tissue repair and growth.

The bones or the skeletal system is responsible for the growth and development of the body, without bone mass the body will not be able to make bigger muscle mass because the bones cannot support the weight. Height is also determined by the bones ability to grow and having adequate calcium and magnesium intake and absorption ensures that.

Magnesium in the other hand contributes in the immune system, regular blood sugar and blood pressure level, energy metabolism, protein synthesis, muscle and nerve function and bone strength. Deficiency of this nutrient can cause diabetes, poor nail growth, low blood pressure and irritable bowel disease for children.

To supplement your child of these vital nutrients, feed them with food rich in magnesium and calcium such as dairy products, green leafy vegetables, nuts, tofu, legumes, pumpkin and squash seeds. If you cannot provide these foods in a daily basis, you can consult a physician for prescription of supplements.

Guidelines on How to Get Taller from the Experts

05/06/2012 23:31
A lot of people in the world today are not exactly contended with their height.  Some of them are not gifted with a tall physique because of genetics and some already have an acceptable height, but they would still want to add some inches to it because of various reasons.
If you have been trying to increase your height for quite a long time now, then there is a really great possibility that you have already taken some of the pills and other medications that are being sold in the market right now. And if you did, you probably know by now that they never quite work as advertised. If you really want a sure way to grow taller, then you really should consider the natural methods. The natural way of getting tall may not be a fast route on adding some inches to your height but using the natural way can guarantee you great results without throwing away your money.
If you really want to know how to grow taller naturally, all you need to do is to follow these advices from the experts:
Nutrition is King – a lot of experts who study human height say that the diet of the person can affect his height.  If you eat food products that are high in calcium, proteins, and amino acids there is a really great possibility that you could still grow some more inches in the future.
Stretch your body – doing some stretching exercise is also a really great way to make yourself grow taller. Choose a stretching exercise that is specially designed to increase the length of the body. Some experts say if the body could still be extended in it is just stretched out properly.
Proper Posture and Position – you might already know by now that bad posture can affect your height negatively. You also need to make sure that you also have a proper sleeping position so that you don’t suffer from complications that could limit your growth.

Most of the people who followed these simple guidelines have already experience its positive effects to the height of their bodies. There is no doubt in the world that it would work perfectly for you too.